The Apostate
Called by the King of Heaven, Jehanne sets out to crown the King of France. Being a Story of The Maid of Orléans, Her Labor'd Travails, Receiv'd Wounds, and Suffer'd Deceits. 
I'm currently writing a play about Joan of Arc. I expect the process to take several years. Before completing my final draft, I would like to go to France and follow Joan's route from Domrémy to Rouen.
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The Sound of Many Oceans
Alex believes a micro-circuitry device has been attached to his body to reshape his brain and prevent him from hearing the sound of oceans. His friend and Confidant Jules agrees to search his body. Later, Advocate Jules interrogates Kelly, determined to uncover the secret location of an invisible, formless being of cryptic and dangerous power.
A sci-fi conspiracy set beneath the stars and within the mind.
Development History: Dramatists Guild End of Play Virtual Table Reading, 2022
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In the Presence of Things Unseen
Sometime after the war, a new recruit for a secretive Clinic is dismayed to prematurely be thrust into the line of duty. As she is forced to communicate with an ancient, extra-dimensional intelligence, the experience triggers confrontational memories of her recently deceased brother, underscores the Clinic’s promise of power, and challenges her eroding ethics.
An Atomic Gothic sci-fi set in a fictitious nation during the 1950s.
Development History: Dramatists Guild End of Play Virtual Table Reading, 2021
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The Birthing Pit
They followed the blood. And the blood followed the gold. At the end of the American Revolutionary War, John and Castella flee a mysterious pestilence in the Caribbean. But as they sail home during a supernatural storm, the condemned Atabei kills the ship’s captain— and tragedy stalks all three.
I directed an hour-long version of this play in the 2017 Hollywood Fringe Festival starring Jensen Chambers and Maia Kazin • Costumer Elena Flores • Stage Manager Beth Scorzato • Audiences called it "Entrancing," "Beautiful," "Haunting," "Ambitious," "Touching," and "Macabre." Read the reviews here.
Production History: Hollywood Fringe Festival (Truncated Version, Early Draft), 2017
Development History: Independent Reading (Full Version, Early Draft), 2017
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The Birthing Pit
The Birthing Pit

Monologues, Excerpts
Excerpts from longer works, intended for actors seeking monologues for auditions, reels, and performance.

From The Sound of Many Oceans  Sting of the Scorpion  Waiting to Die in a Tent...  The Birthing Pit  Secrets of the Eyebringer The House That Jack Built  And Worms Do Not Destroy