The Break-Up Girls
The all-woman punk (ish) band The Break-Up Girls are in dire straits when their bass player quits on the eve of their road trip to perform in the Ballyhoo. Hoping to scout a replacement at every gig along the way, they must match wits with motorcyle gangs, hecklers, hangovers, childhood bullies— and their own doubts of the band’s less-than-obvious awesomeness. When the music ends, will the world forget them?
​​​​The Alternate Wife
A couple on the eve of divorce agrees to one last weekend together. Following a horrifying night in a sinister forest, sheltering beneath a mysterious altar, their marriage seems miraculously saved— until the husband suspects his wife has been replaced by a fiendish, bloodless duplicate.
​​​​​​​Sisters of the Holy Burning Water
On the first year anniversary of losing her four sisters, a woman sets out to recreate the accident that led to their deaths-- planning to sacrifice herself in their place to bring them back to life. Modern American Gothic inspired by the Book of Job.
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