The Break-Up Girls
The all-woman punk (ish) band The Break-Up Girls are in dire straits when their bass player quits on the eve of their road trip to perform in the Ballyhoo. Hoping to scout a replacement at every gig along the way, they must match wits with motorcyle gangs, hecklers, hangovers, childhood bullies— and their own doubts of the band’s less-than-obvious awesomeness. When the music ends, will the world forget them?
​​​​The Alternate Wife
A couple on the eve of divorce agrees to one last weekend together. Following a horrifying night in a sinister forest they shelter beneath a mysterious altar— and their marriage seems miraculously saved. Until the husband suspects his wife has been replaced by a fiendish and bloodless duplicate.
Sisters of the Holy Burning Water
On the first year anniversary of losing her four sisters, a woman sets out to recreate the accident that led to their deaths— planning to sacrifice herself in their place to bring them back to life. 
Modern American Gothic inspired by the Book of Job.
The Splendid Gun
Gray Masterson gathers a posse of misfits to exact revenge for the murder of his best friend Big Burt. But when Gray learns they’ve been following a trail of lies concealing the Governor’s election conspiracy, he might soon find the momentum of vengeance is too powerful to stop.