All Praise the Ikon
May the Ikon bless the Federated Harmony.
Six months after the disgraced Chairman returns, seizes power, and occupies the City-- divergent plots of resistance converge in perilous ways as subversives seek to nullify the new government’s authoritarian Algorithm, the ubiquitous computer program said to obey the sacred Ikon.
An audio drama mini-series currently in production, mixing cyberpunk and myth. This story addresses book-banning and the power of a demagogue over a few months in a single Labyrinth-like City. I've been working remotely with the wonderful group of actors listed below, and I have more characters to cast as well. 
I've recorded scratch tracks as scenic spines, building out the sound design for those scenes still missing their character performances. I've also been working on the podcast logo and a map of the City, and plan to sketch the characters inspired by fashion from the Jazz Age.
Starring Boyd BarrettChrista Burton • Christopher Colón • Sarah Golding • Erin Lillis • Sivan Raz • Fiona Thraille • Written and Produced by William J. Meyer
While working on All Praise the Ikon I stumbled upon the above method of creating a simple hologram voice effect.

Background image this page from Gustave Doré's "An Angel Appears to Balaam"