Most die never saying what they meant to. Never hearing what they should. Made mute by fear-- and deaf by pride.
Deep beneath the impossible mountain Rúnhallr is a stone of power called valdrsten. To mine its wealth one must release a foul humor which drowns our loved ones, turning them into vengeful sea-draugr. 

Against this dire history a Valkyrie named Hildr recruits dying warriors for her own secret purpose.
I am currently seeking a publisher for my novel Valkyrie.
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Valkyrie spun out of my short play Waiting to Die in a Tent, A Few Thoughts on Valhalla which you can read via New Play Exchange 
The audio drama version of the short play embedded above stars Boyd Barrett • Karin Heimdahl • Owen McCuen • and Madeline Goshorn • Featured as a Platinum Selection in the 2020 HEAR Now Festival